About us

LEGA SERVICE is a full-service provider in the field of visa and legalization procurement. Our specialty is advice and support through to the complete procurement of visas and legalizations for medium-sized and large companies. But also private customers can save a lot of time, running and stress through our service.

Why a Lega Service Provider?

Everyone can submit their legalization and visa applications to the relevant embassies or consulates themselves. However, medium-sized and larger companies in particular nowadays have a large number of business relationships around the world.


Just as the cultures of the individual countries requiring a visa are different, the consular regulations are just as different. No country or embassy is the same as another. Documents that lead to a visa being issued at a consulate are not sufficient at the consulate of another embassy.


If you add the different types of visas (business, tourist, transit, work visa, etc.), as well as the different requirements for academic, private and commercial legalizations, you quickly lose track of the chaos. Another financial risk is the fact that embassies usually do not reimburse the fees paid in advance if the visa is not issued (e.g. because of rejection due to missing or incorrect documents).


As a company but also as a private person, it is therefore advisable to have the legalizations and visa procurement carried out together with a strong and competent visa service partner for the following reasons

Time saving

In some countries, the time you spend collecting all relevant information, e.g. for correct legalization, can sometimes take an entire working day (many embassy websites are not up-to-date, and the telephone service often leaves a lot to be desired). When you hire a Visa service provider, you and your employees can concentrate fully on the really important internal company matters.

Money saving

Some embassies require applicants to appear in person to submit their application. However, many of these messages allow submission by trusted and established visa service providers like us. If your company is located in Baden-Württemberg, for example, and your employee needs a visa, the application for which he must submit in person in Berlin, you will have to pay considerable costs (travel expenses, hotel accommodation, absence from the employee's workplace, etc.), which you will have to do with an order on us can almost completely avoid.

No stress

In particular, the regulations for legalization can be very complicated. If you've made the long way to the consulate, that doesn't mean that your application will be accepted. Running around pre-authentications and other necessary administrative procedures for your document legalization can quickly lead to stress due to long waiting times and complicated bureaucracy. A Visa partner will be happy to relieve you of this stress, so you can focus on the really important things in life.

Why a Lega Service Provider?

LEGA SERVICE has been in existence for over 10 years. With branches in Berlin, Frankfurt and Bonn, we can procure almost all visas and legalizations for you inexpensively, quickly and easily. Our special features and strengths are:

Excellent contacts to consulates in the Arab region. Business between Germany and countries in the Middle East is booming. We ensure that you do not lose touch with your competition by quickly procuring visas through us

Full service: We really do everything for you as soon as the most important documents are completely on our table. We are particularly specialized in and experienced in the procurement of pre-certification for the legalization of academic and commercial documents (commercial invoices, powers of attorney, etc.). Documents where every day counts so that your international business relationships can flourish optimally and your company can grow quickly.

Express, Next Day and Same Day processing: If you are in a particularly hurry, we will get you (if it is possible from the consulate website), your visas and legalized documents within 24 hours. Stop worrying about missed business opportunities and stay one step ahead of your competition.

Fast shipping service to every country (even on weekends): An employee is in Bangkok, but has to fly to China at short notice, contrary to the original plan? No problem. We will arrange the visa and send the passport directly to your representative in Bangkok. So you can react quickly to unforeseen events, without stress and pressure, because we take care of everything for you.