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1. Order

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2. Send documents to LegaService

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We take care of all the steps up to the legalization of the document for you and send you the fully legalized documents back to you.

Legalization - using documents and deeds abroad

Have you ever had to present a commercial document or a commercial invoice abroad? Was your birth certificate or marriage certificate required for official matters outside of the German national borders? Or did you ever need certified copies of a certificate, for example for an employment contract in another country? No? Fortunately, you have been spared any surprises so far. Your documents and deeds that are legally binding in Germany are initially not valid abroad.

Stumbling blocks in international document traffic

At first, this fact may cause irritation, after all, these are usually official documents. However, it is the custom of international document traffic that every document must first be certified before it can be used abroad. This process is called legalization, it attests to the authenticity of the issued document, the stamp or seal applied and the signatures. With the apostille and the legalization there are two procedures to legalize certificates and documents.


The long road to legalization


Legalization is always carried out via the embassy or consulate of the country in which the document is to be used. As a rule, prior authe ntication is required. The issuing German authorities, offices and institutions must certify the authenticity of their documents. Only then is the legalization carried out by the consular officer, the document from then on has full validity in the country concerned.

The quick way of the apostille

The apostille is a simplified form of legalizing documents. The legal basis is the Hague Apostille, which was ratified by numerous nation states in 1961. Accordingly, it is no longer the consular officer who should ultimately carry out the legalization, but the issuing authorities themselves vouch for the authenticity of the document and its seal with the apostille. Documents with an apostille are therefore fully valid in the respective foreign country even if the consular officer has not seen them. The Federal Foreign Office offers extensive information on which states have approved the apostille. offers a full service of legalization and apostilles

You do not necessarily have to legalize documents yourself. It is permitted to commission third parties to do this. offers a comprehensive service to make documents and certificates legally valid abroad. The agency obtains notifications and pre-notifications, takes care of the necessary apostille or consular legalization of the documents. is a partner portal of, the specialist for foreign visas.